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Please Volunteer To Help Kent Today!

Volunteers are the backbone of Kent’s campaign. Like Kent we are just regular folks who have had enough of the political system and the good olde boys in Phoenix. We’re ready for some real change, not just the slogan! But genuine change does not come easy. It requires effort. But with the effort you find new friends and a renewed sense of “ I am Not Alone” in my concerns for the future. Some of our best parties have been envelope stuffing parties! Phone calling is very difficult for many people but easy for others. With each call you have a chance of connecting with a sister or brother Green. Many folks may not yet associate themselves with the Green Party but are never the less Greens in their heart. They need that contact in this war wary world. And the memories will last a lifetime along with knowing you were making a little history to boot!

Volunteering is empowerment and empowerment is what the good olde boys don't want you to have. But the rewards of a State Government actually serving the interests of regular folks, managing and spending the State’s money more responsibly, protecting our environment and resources, investing in our schools and sustainable means of transit, protecting our precious but limited resources such as water, expanding health care coverage, and just having a dependable steady hand watching over things during hard times will make all the difference between a sustainable future or one that is too scary to consider.

"It is not fair to ask of others what you are not willing to do yourself."

—Eleanor Roosevelt

What Do Volunteers Do?

We need regular volunteers and some special key volunteers who can assist in organizing other volunteers on larger projects.

Individual volunteers make a difference by:

  1. Hosting a house party for Kent.
  2. Tabling at events and walking with the candidate.
  3. Walking precincts as part of a team or solo to distribute literature.
  4. Making phone calls from home, as we get closer to the election.
  5. Putting up yard signs, transport goods, and other various activities.
  6. Typing letters, answers for questionnaires, and data entry for databases
  7. Helping put together large mailings for the voters.

The key volunteers help in a number of areas as; coordinating mailings, morning and weekend walking groups dropping off literature door to door, coordinating outreach at local events, fairs, festivals, etc., tabling and passing out flyers, phone banking, research; etc.

Frankly, volunteers do most of the work in a grassroots campaign like this. So please contact us today and let us know how you can help put Kent in the State Legislature.

Thank you for supporting Kent for the House!